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Jr Hidden Fastener Steel Roofing Panel


Junior H-F is a staple of the steel roofing industry. Designed for residential or commercial construction, Junior H-F standing seam roofs offer any building an attractive and timeless appearance, higher market value and unmatched durability. It’s also one of the only steel roofing products that can be curved over a solid backing convex roof.

Manufactured from .016 inch thick Galvalume pre-painted steel, Junior H-F panels are pre-punched for screws with nylon washers which makes them open to adjustment during the natural expansion and contraction during the heat of summer and cold of winter.

Three major factors make the Junior H-F series stand apart from its competitors.

  • On the surface, Junior H-F steel roofs are coated with an ultra high-quality Perspectra Plus Series WeatherXL paint that is designed to last up to 40 years and is backed by a 40-year paint warranty.
  • Its steel roofing panels are secured using a hidden fastener system. This system of using Striations add strength and rigidity to the roofing panels.
  • When installed by a certified roofing company (Covered Bridge Roofing), the Junior H-F Steel Roof is backed by a 40-year limited warranty.
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Junior Hidden Fastener

More economically priced, our Junior H-F hidden fasteners steel roof panel offers the same traditional style and appearance of standing seam roofs as our Heritage SeriesTM but in a slightly thinner steel gauge. Available in 13 colours.

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A metal roof last at least 4 to 5 times longer. It may even be the last roof you install on your house for as long as you live!

So if they last at least 4 to 5 times longer, THEN THEY ARE LESS EXPENSIVE. It is a fact that a metal roof do cost more at the outset than regular asphalt shingles… about 50 percent more or less depending on the model you choose, the location of your construction or renovation project, your roofing contractor or installer and the complexity of your roof. In the long term, it’s another story!

Lifetime protection is the reason for the higher cost!

Consider a metal roof a lifetime investment that will reward you with a higher resale value when the time comes to sell your house. And you will save money in the long run. In addition, because they are so lightweight, Ideal Roofing’s metal roofing products can be installed over your existing asphalt shingles, saving you the expense of removing the old shingles, disposing of them and carting them off to a landfill site.

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