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Matterhorn Metal Roofing Shake

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Its more than just a roof

Matterhorn metal shake roofing is expertly created to perfectly capture the look of real wood with the protective benefits of steel. Chiseling and cracks are used to mimic the organic look of real wood and include eight separate elevation changes to replicate the irregularity of real wood shakes.

Matterhorn Shake is pre-weathered, aged and distressed to recreate the look of authentic wood shakes. Our paint application technique uses highlights to change the visual temperature of each panel. Optically, the warm hues advance, while the cool hues recede.

High wind and water is no match for Matterhorn Shake metal roofing. A specialized chiseled channel is at maximum height to allow constant water movement away from the roof deck. And Matterhorn’s high wind rating is thanks to our four point locking system secured with a patent pending concealed clip.

Not only does your roof protect the contents of your home, it also protects you, your family, and your lifestyle. A roof is practical, but there’s really nothing practical about the way it looks.

A roof can make an ordinary home extraordinary. Matterhorn Metal Roofing from CertainTeed gives your home the authentic look, design, and natural detail of real wood shake, quarried slate, and traditional clay tile roofing. It’s stronger than steel, and capable of withstanding wind, hail, and fire. It has the strongest warranty in the industry, backed by CertainTeed’s 100+ year legacy of performance and innovation. It’s sustainable and energy efficient, available in 16 CRRC-rated colors.

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Matterhorn Metal Roofing Shake

Matterhorn Metal Roofing is engineered to provide the high performance you expect from a luxury roof.

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Matterhorn® Shake metal roofing is authentically crafted light-weight, fully recyclable, energy efficient and forged in steel.  Each panel is comprised of a carbon alloy steel core, with hot-dipped G90 Zinc Phosphate anti-corrosion coating, plus an exterior PVDF paint system.  With its colors designed to recreate the hues of natural shake, Matterhorn Shake adds a warm, custom-crafted appearance to your home.


Width: 22-1/8″

Length: 47-1/2″

Thickness at butt: 3/8″

Thickness at top: 3/16″

Gauge: 28 gauge (0.016″ thickness)


Matterhorn Shake metal roofing shingles carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty.  The Matterhorn Metal Roofing Lifetime Limited Warranty brochure fully explains how CertainTeed supports Matterhorn shingles with the strongest warranty protection available.

It is important that you read the warranty section of the brochure.  The warranty lists the period of time that Matterhorn Metal Roofing Shingles are covered.  Take the time to understand how CertainTeed protects your purchase by standing behind our products.

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